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| hyperirrealism & ab‑realism |

… different ‑ justdifferent [ experimental ‑ thinking ]


[ urban planning & architecture for the future ( and for the present )]


Do you think a better Urban Planning & Architecture would be possible?

I do.

Is this an utopia? Could this be real?

… Yes!

It could be possible and real, cities for the present and for the future:


ale gi

| hyperirrealism & ab‑realism |

… different ‑ justdifferent [ experimental ‑ thinking ]


[ urban planning & architecture for the future ( and for the present )]


Given the unusual interest (and ‘interests’) that my work is generating lately (over the last 20 years it has been
systematically invalidated, undervalued and even hampered by most people in all types of power and ‘decisions taking’
positions) I would like to leave some ideas clearly expressed here.

The ‘interests’ that seem to be modifying in some the vision of the potential of my ideas and projects are of various
kinds, for example: interests of personal economic enrichment, national and international ‘political’ interests (power
struggles, of ‘ideological, cultural, economic, etc ‘competitiveness’.) and even defensive and hidden interests
(avoiding questioning of doubtful personal and / or political practices, recognition of past mistakes, etc.).

Faced with this situation, on my own behalf and on behalf of my family (I believe also on behalf of all those people who
value honesty, work, effort and personal merits), and with the sole objective of general benefit, I ask:

  • 1- that any attempt at manipulation (of any kind or nature) of my mental stability and / or my intellectual freedom, or
    that of any other member of my family, cease to occur and / or do not occur in the future.
  • 2- that the integrity and physical health of all my family (and my own) is absolutely respected at all times and places.
  • 3- that the ability and freedom of movement of any member of my family or my own will not be restricted in any way at
    any time and under any circumstances in the future.
  • And with regard to myself and any project or activity in which I am involved, I request:

  • 4 – transparency in all matters related to any previous, present or future project of mine.
  • 5 – freedom to decide on the convenience and general benefit in relation to any aspect of any previous, present or
    future project of mine.
  • 6 – that I will not be restricted in any case or at any time from being able to travel for personal and / or work
    reasons to any place or country on the planet.
  • 7- not to be professionally limited by any kind of political, religious or any other political or ideological commitment
    at any time or place.
  • Hyperirrealism 

    by ale gi

    at ORO Publishers

    Will global sustainability goals be reached if we keep doing the same things?

    • Will small, one-off actions and initiatives push our society enough to achieve a real breakthrough preventing us from spiralling to our impending doom?
    • Could we make it without strategic urban planning and design being part of the solution?

    The short answer,… is NO


    Hyperirrealism ™ is an in-depth study of unconventional architecture and urban design insights that will get the reader thinking … ‘Now, like this, it’s possible’

    To achieve unconventionally elevated goals we MUST resort to unconventional thinking, design and architecture.
    We are so used to doing things in the same way that we forgot that another way is not only possible, but better.
    We have no second chance this time, no do-overs, we must take action  and embrace Hyperirrealism ™.

    Get to know ale gi, architect and author of the book that will show the lead forward to possible solutions for the global sustainability issues, from the architectural point of view.

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